I am a music teacher and double bass performer in the St. Paul, Minnesota area. I currently teach orchestra at Coon Rapids High School and teach several private bass students from around the metro area. If you are interested in information about bass lessons, please visit my Lesson Page or Contact Me.

I perform frequently with local professional groups, including the Minnesota Opera and Minneapolis Pops Orchestra.

I also manage a Tuning Guide web site, which has over 200 visitors a day from all over the world. Additionally, I developed the first websites for the Suzuki Association of Minnesota (suzukiminnesota.org) and the Minnesota String and Orchestra Teachers Association (mnsota.org), and continue to assist these organizations.

Scale & Arpeggio Recordings available
There are  Scale & Arpeggio Recordings that correspond to my Scale & Arpeggio Music (see the Educational Documents page) that have helped many of my students play better in tune. Over the years, I have sold these recordings all around the world, including North & South America, Europe, and Asia. I have also made these files available for download at CD Baby (as well as digital distribution on iTunes, Spotify, and many more!).  There are two ways to purchase: