Educational Documents

This page contains scale & arpeggio sheets and flash cards to help students learn the fundamentals of music on their string instrument.

Scale & Arpeggio Music (these match the Scale & Arpeggio Recordings)
 Violin * Viola * Cello *Bass *
Major Scales
Major ScalesMajor ScalesMajor Scales
Melodic Minor Scales
Melodic Minor ScalesMelodic Minor ScalesMelodic Minor Scales
Harmonic Minor Scales
Harmonic Minor ScalesHarmonic Minor ScalesHarmonic Minor Scales
Major Arpeggios
Major ArpeggiosMajor ArpeggiosMajor Arpeggios
Minor Arpeggios
Minor ArpeggiosMinor ArpeggiosMinor Arpeggios
*All files are 2 octaves, and are in PDF Format

Scale & Arpeggio Recordings
The Scale & Arpeggio Recordings correspond to the Scale & Arpeggio Music (see above) that have helped many of my students play better in tune. Over the years, I have sold these recordings all around the world, including North & South America, Europe, and Asia. Just recently, I have also made these files available for download for Violin and Cello, and other instruments will follow soon.  There are two ways to purchase:

Scale CD Order Page for All Strings

Download Violin, Viola, Cello or Bass Recording from CD Baby

Note Reading Flash Cards
These files are in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format.** I suggest printing these on card stock for durability. On the back are fingerings as well as note names for the instrument. However, I also use these flashcards for teaching clefs to other instruments such as treble clef reading for viola, cello and bass.

Front of Flashcards (Notes on staff lines) Back of Flashcards (Note names & fingerings) Clef
Violin A & D strings Violin A & D strings Treble
Violin G & E strings Violin G & E strings Treble
Viola A & D strings Viola A & D strings Alto
Viola G & C strings Viola G & C strings Alto
Cello A & D strings Cello A & D strings Bass
Cello G & C strings Cello G & C strings Bass
Bass G & D strings Bass G & D strings Bass
Bass A & E strings Bass A & E strings Bass
Tenor Clef page 1 Tenor Clef page 1 Tenor
Tenor Clef page 2 Tenor Clef page 2 Tenor

**Adobe has  free software that you can use to read these documents.